Demonic Hack-and-Slash FALLEN ANGEL Live On Kickstarter

It looks like a devilishly good time from the Philadelphia-based indie developer Matrioshka Games. Play as Lucifer in the pixelated Fallen Angel, an action RPG game that has gone live on Kickstarter today. The campaign has a goal of $20,000 and while stretch goals have yet to be announced, there are plenty of exclusive rewards available within the different pledge tiers.

The top-down hack-and-slash incorporates aerial combat inspired by games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry, and there is a lot of bloody violence awaiting players as they ascend into heaven. Seven realms, all ruled by their own archangel, will provide the opportunity for exploration and character progression. There aren’t many chances to play as Lucifer in video games, but Fallen Angel will remedy that. Once you’ve filled his Pride Meter, you’ll be able to summon the wrath of Hell and obliterate your enemies. The angels won’t be able to stop you.

Here are some features of the game that Matrioshka Games has announced:

  • Explore the seven realms of heaven, each with a unique theme and setting. Jump and glide through these levels in any order you wish, and find waypoints to save your progress.

  • Smooth and responsive hack and slash gameplay accompanied by an array of abilities. Shoot, slash, dash, and smash your way through heaven.

  • Knock enemies into the air to juggle, counter with a perfect parry to stun and execute them.

  • Unlock new weapons and abilities by defeating Archangels and consuming their souls

  • Find skill points by exploring the world and defeating powerful enemies to upgrade your abilities within an epic skill tree.

  • Perfect your playstyle by mixing and matching traits to your liking.

  • Converse with fully voice-acted Archangels and NPCs to learn about the mysteries of heaven.

  • Equip items that add special effects to certain abilities.

  • Discover hidden areas by ledge grabbing and climbing.

  • You can even play with a friend in two-player local co-op.

Think you might pledge on the campaign? What do you think of the trailer?

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