DESTINY 2, Coming to Steam, Free-To-Play and Shadowkeep Expansion


Steam users rejoice! Destiny 2 is coming to Steam. This isn’t really new news for many people, Bungie had just recently announced on their Twitter and I wanted to talk about the migration and what newcomers and veterans should expect in this movement to Steam and an overview of this fall’s updates.

The first thing to note is that Bungie has specifically commented on how they are working with much effort to make the move from to Steam with as little pain as possible. I hate moving from one apartment to another, I can’t imagine moving tens of thousands of players from one digital home to another (I know it is different but you get it). So don’t be mad if there are issues. They are working on that massive migration along with introducing a free-to-play model, cross-save and a new massive expansion to be released and rolling within the same month (or weeks).

Destiny 2 is currently not available on Steam to play. As of now, it will be available on September 17th this year along with the new expansion, Shadowkeep. For those who are considering getting into Destiny 2 this fall when it comes to Steam or on consoles, there will be a lot you can do without paying a single cent! Destiny 2’s content is broken up into three years of content as of now and it will better explain what a person can play:

Year 1: The main campaign and two expansions, Curse of Osiris and Warmind.

Year 2: The Forsaken campaign and annual pass which includes Black Armory, Season of the Drifter and Season of Opulence.

Year 3: Shadowkeep and the next year’s content which is yet to be revealed (but it will be split into four seasons, much like year two).


Anyone on any platform can download Destiny 2 and play all of the Year 1 content for free. If a player wants to play Year 2, they can purchase it for $40. Shadowkeep will be $35 or $60 for all of Year 3. Bungie is trying to let players play what they want to play and pay just for that. There will be free updates sprinkled about with a few new weapons, events and gear with all of the Year 1 content, but the beefy bulk of the game is paid (but well worth it).

So players, this fall is a great time to jump into the space magic that is Destiny 2 no matter if it is your first time, it has been a year, or you play everyday. Come and join the Guardians and let’s go kill some aliens.