DEVIL MAY CRY Creator Wants a Remake of the First Game


The creator and director of 2001’s Devil May Cry, Hideki Kamiya, has recently voiced his opinion to Twitter on remaking the original game for Capcom. He said that:

“If we remake the 1st DMC, we’re confident about making it the most amazing hack & slash ever. How do you like it, Capcom?”

This isn’t the first time Kamiya brought up his intention of remaking the game. A few months ago he also tweeted that it is “about time” to remake DMC and re-introduce the title to the gaming community in modern consoles. 

“Looking at current global trends and the amazing graphics in recent Capcom games, the next DMC game could do with a full model change, like the new God of War.”
“Instead of being an anime-style hack ’n’ slash, maybe Capcom will turn DMC5 into a realistic, cinematic action game…?” Kamiya said in his tweet. 

Currently, Kamiya is no longer with Capcom, however, during his stay at the company, he directed Resident Evil 2 together with Shinji Mikami. As of now, Capcom still hasn’t responded whether or not they are on board with Kamiya’s proposal. If fans of the game were to voice out their wish for the remake to happen, maybe Capcom will look into it. 

A few days ago, Devil May Cry was remastered as part of an HD Collection that Capcom initially announced last December, and released last March 13. It was also announced yesterday that the Devil May Cry franchise, will collaborate with Monster Hunter: World and will transport Dante into the universe of Monster Hunter. You can check out the details on that here

Are you on board with the remake of Devil May Cry? Or would you prefer the game to stay as it is? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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