DOUBLE CROSS Is Coming To The Switch and PC This Summer

Double Cross is the latest game that is heading for the Nintendo Switch. Developer 13 AM Games latest title will be in a cartoonish format platformer and will follow Zahra, an employee of the Regulators of Interdimensional Frontiers and Technology (RIFT). After an attack in the RIFT HQ, Zahra found herself traveling through multiple dimensions to discover the culprit. As the title of the game implies, it seems like the antagonist of the game is working within RIFT. 

The game will let players explore the different dimensions in any order they desire. Each stage will contain unique themes and will implement a light, beat-‘em-up mechanics, as well as puzzles that will challenge players as they explore the dimensions. 

Double Cross will also feature a “slick 2D HD art that draws upon traditional gaming and anime style and will let players custom tailor their play-style through "Upgradiums" that they can collect and use to level up and get a RIFT agent gear. 

Although no specific release date is set yet, 13 AM Games will not be spending a lot of time between the reveal and release date and tentatively announced a release window this summer for the PC and Nintendo Switch. 

If you’re dropping by at PAX East in Boston this year, Double Cross will be playable at the Graffiti Games booth from April 5 to 8. Check out the game’s latest trailer down below:

What do you think of Double Cross? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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