DYING LIGHT Celebrates Their Three Year Anniversary With Some Gifts For Fans

Dying Light.jpg

I can't believe it's already been three years since the first time I stepped into the zombie filled, first person parkour action title from Techland we all know and love called Dying Light. With amazing DLC, like The Following and all the free content we can expect throughout 2018, this game has just continued to grow and expand with their community.

It's amazing that even with all the DLC they plan to launch for all players to enjoy that they are still doing more stuff on the side. Check out their announcement trailer:

Looks like February is full of surprises. Another one of the free DLC's promised this year, weekly giveaways (that appear to be able to be found within in the game for multiple players), get some in-game discounts at the store, and some new community events to partake in.

If you aren't already a player of Dying Light, good news is that it is currently on sale on Steam! For the rest of us who have already owned the game and play it often, there's some awesome things to look forward to! What are you most excited for in this anniversary?