E3 2017 First Impressions: AFTERCHARGE

The lack of Spy vs Merc on the current generation consoles has left gamers from the Splinter Cell franchise high and dry waiting for another experience to come our way. But good news for XB1 and PC games because a new game is coming with these aspects!

AfterCharge by Chainsawesome Games is a 3v3 PvP online multiplayer FPS Steam game that will involve one team set up with weapons and tools with their objective to be simply to stop the other team, who is invisible and tasked with an objective based on the selected game mode; much like the Spy vs Merc! I got the chance to try this game at an E3 social event called "The Mix."

Now, it is a different game so it has many differences, but when I played the game I found it to be incredibly fun! And I'm a long time fan of the Splinter Cell online game modes.

The game mode I played had the task of destroying six power nodes by punching it and was able to try it from both offense and defense thanks to the set up that every round the teams switch sides.

Being on the invisible robots side (aka Spies) was interesting because if you are shot down another player can revive you. Many tools made you visible and so did punching a node to make progress on the objective. You could punch the mercs and send them flying though, which quickly became helpful to attain victory!

Being in the merc robots side was pretty cool as well since I liked to get the double pistol set up with the trap that makes the enemies visible again. I would plant them around and stand next to a still active node, which will refill all ammo and tools for you! You win by shooting all three of the enemy team, rendering no possibility for them to revive.

It was a lot of fun and I could easily see myself spending a lot of time on that games completed version! Looking forward to more progress!

Check out the Trailer: