E3 2017 First Impressions: TORNADO TOWER

The addition of virtual reality to the gaming works has begun a spiral of genres, but the one thing they have in common is that all VR titles are in first person. What if we used it for more than to put ourselves in the shoes of the main character?

This question is being answered by Dizzy Slugs with their upcoming game Tornado Tower! This platform puzzle game uses the VR set up to place you in the center of an open space so you can look around the level in order to find out where to go! I got a chance to demo this title at an E3 social event called "The Mix," and I have to say that I loved the new use they are bringing to VR with Tornado Tower.

You are challenged to collect all the icons in the map, which circles the player, and have different difficulties to face in order to collect each piece. You befriend a spirit creature that can control wind, which will become a main asset to reach higher platforms.

The controls were similar to most VR games where you point where you want to go, but only the character moves while the player is stationary. For those who get dizzy or sick while playing with the VR headsets, this may be the beginning of a new genre for you to enjoy, and ease into, the virtual world!

Check out the Trailer: 

You can follow more progress on Twitch, Facebook and Twitter.