ECHO: 3rd Person SciFi Action Where The Enemy Is YOU


Imagine running through a level where the enemies become increasingly difficult and mimic your every move. This is Echo, a third person science fiction action game where you are the enemy. Every move and every kill is recorded and remembered. Survived the level? Next time you load up, you will have more enemies that mimic the same actions you took on your previous run. It is an intriguing twist on level progression and difficulty causing the player to think twice before acting out. Check out the new gameplay footage w/ developer commentary below:

Echo looks like it will get increasingly difficult the more the player becomes experienced with the game. As you progress and get better, so will the AI. Use a gun or another weapon and the AI will learn to use it too. I am interested to see how complex this system will be. The inclusion of a black out system essentially allows players to act without consequences in a short amount of time. This is definitely a fresh take on the genre and hopefully indie studio Ultra Ultra will deliver. Echo releases September 19 on the PS4 and PC.