Editorial: Goodbye DISNEY QUEST, You Will Be Missed

Disney Parks has announced that the Disney Quest in Orlando, FL will be closing down on July 3, 2017 to make way for The NBA Experience. This, in my opinion, is quite upsetting news to hear.

(If you've never been to Disney Quest check out the awesomeness in the video below at 2:30)

Disney Quest was this Floridian kids favorite center for playing various arcade games and just spending time at. I had a yearly pass for most of my teenage years and would visit at least two or three times a year; one visit of these was always a minimal of three days where I explored the five-story arcade-ridden, cannonball blasting bumper car running, virtual roller coaster simulating, exciting center of gamer heaven is being replaced with a center that had a spot in the Universal Studios theme park entrance way, City Walk.

Now, on the good news of this, The NBA Experience in City Walk is expected to be replaced by a Chocolate Factory and Restaurant, which would be pretty interesting. But does it replace Disney Quest?

Either way, the fact is that it is happening and it will be missed. When I first heard about this, I made a trip up to Disney Quest to see whats new and re-experience the fun from the building. I have to say that it was still a lot of fun, but they lacked in updates; which is likely the source of their problems. If they would have considered updating to newer machines, gear and simulators, they would keep attracting new customers.

They likely did not intend to keep Disney Quest much longer as their elevators that used to have an animated video staring the Genie from Aladin that you got to enjoy as the reason you are being lifted, besides entering the building of course, no longer had the video and was a regular elevator ride you could expect in any building, and they still had the same update from the launch of Wreck It Ralph, where they set up a small section of nothing but Fix It Felix game machines. With how long ago that was, it is a sure sign that they planned to replace the building with something, even if they weren't sure with what at the time.

The trips I planned to bring my children to my childhood arcade fun house is now over and how I wish that were not the case. Disney Quest will be missed, and if you have a chance to make a trip down to experience the building for a first, and likely last, time then I would encourage you to make it happen before they shut it down. If you have never been, the experience will be remember. If you have already been, then expect nostalgia to sink in as you look around at a lively interactive arcade that will soon be a sports exhibit.