Editorial: Where is Virtual Reality Taking Us?

Virtual Reality is currently the big trend in the game industry. Trying to find ways to improve it, make it more immersive or realistic, increasing the device compatibility and comfort, along with many uses made for learning and educational reasoning. But where is all this innovation taking us?

There are now devices in the work to make you feel like you are flying free, being a real race car driver, and even the option to feel as though you are flying a plane or on an unrealistic race track! The realistic properties are expanding beyond any gamers dream, but I don't think that gaming will be virtual realty's main purpose in the coming future. While developers will use the technologies of today to keep making games more unique and interesting, I see the VR aspects to be mainly used in the world for many other interests.

For non-educational purposes, it is likely that there will be virtual vacations and excursions made for a cheaper form of traveling and being adventurous out in the world while remaining in the safety and comfort of home, or designated locations. People will be able to visit popular monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa, and likely even monuments that are no longer around, such as the Twin Towers. It would create new aspects and options that people would be able to consider when planing a vacation. Many people would find a safer option to be the better option when it comes to traveling the world.

For educational purposes, it is probable that there will be tours of museums, safari's, space, wildernesses, and so much more prepared for a classrooms worth of students to experience without the need of leaving the school or lobby area of designated buildings. People will be able to not only visit these places but also interact with them in a non-disruptive way that would allow freedom without problems of damaging the historical items.

There is also so much more that can be done with education from having full lessons broken down in a visual form, interactive classes that allow people to study and examine up close different aspects that would usually be difficult to look in to on a real subject, and even as far as using a drone to provide a full 360 degree point of view of any area in the world without endangering themselves!

So, does the future of VR remain in the game industry? Far from it. But my question remains, where is VR taking us? The answer lies in the future alone, but with how advanced we have gotten in the last few years with the device, it tells me that we can expect it to lead us to a full immersion into a virtual reality that will be used for all aspects from gaming to tourism to educational purposes.

The future is bright and I am excited to see it unfold while being a part of this age of technological advancement! Our amazement has yet to be peaked, just as our innovative possibilities from the brilliant minds leading us forward!