ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE: MORROWIND is a Nostalgia Driven Return to Form

What's Old is New Again

I can't even count how many hours I spent on the Xbox (!) and PC version of Morrowind. With those memories, I'm stoked that Elder Scrolls Morrowind will be launching June 6th for the masses but if you pre-order the Collector's Edition, you can jump into the fray right now. That's exactly what we did thanks to the folks at Bethesda and what a treat it's been so far. While the initial version of the game had some fantastic merits, it just felt.. a bit generic after several months of play. Loot wasn't that exciting, combat didn't feel very impactful but it was still one the best looking and voice acted MMORPGs on the market. Definitely a tasty morsel for us fans of the Elder Scrolls series.

Though we are still digging into what should be 30+ hours of new adventures in the lovely land of Morrowind, here are a few quick notes so far:

  • Combat is basically the same which is both good and bad. While I enjoy it, it just feels a bit floaty and missing that "punch" that I look for when swinging a ginmourous ebony sword and connecting to a Dark Elves face. Just sayin'.


  • The graphics, voice acting, and environments are absolutely stunning. Take the base game and crank the quality up even higher. So far, the lands of Vvardenfell are wonderful. Detailed, chock full of content, and a beautiful return to the land we all love.


  • If you loved the base game, you are going to adore MORROWIND. If you hated it, I still think this is the best content produced so far and it's definitely worth your gaming dollar.

Reviewing MMORPGs at launch is definitely no small task but stay tuned for more coverage and a full review but until then, check out some footage below, fresh off the boat at the docks of Seyda Neen..