Enjoy The Latest 3v3 PvP Game AFTERCHARGE For Free This Weekend

After being out for just over a month on both Xbox One and Steam, Chainsawesome Games is going to be hosting yet another free weekend for Aftercharge! This fast paced first-person shooter title puts a team of three focused on stealth and theft against a team of three defenders. Already widely well received on Steam since launch, which isn’t a surprise after getting my own impression on it back in 2017, this game is sure to be one to entertain fans of FPS titles.

The official announcement for this free weekend was sent out in a tweet on their official twitter and only will be available for those on the PC platform. Literally stating that anybody with a Steam account will be able to start playing on February 21st and continue up until February 24th. If you haven’t had a chance to check this game out yet, here’s the trailer:

Good luck to everyone who hops on this weekend and may your kills be swift. For those that are still not sure if they will be playing this weekend, what exactly are you waiting for? Enjoy a free game for the weekend!