ESports Olympics Planned Alongside Actual Olympics In Rio

This has the potential to be something truly amazing! Announced at the London Games Festival, Rock Paper Shotgun announced the "eGames" will be hosted alongside the Olympics this year in Rio de Janiero! Each country will have a chance to submit a team for the games, and already Brazil, U.S.A, Canada, and UK are confirmed!

Not all details have been hashed out unfortunately, as there is not even a concrete list of games that will be featured at the 2 day event in August. Another concern raised is that the date of the event (tentatively in Rio 2 days between August 5-21) will fall directly on the DOTA 2 International. There's also the issue of "prizes" as thus far the only reward for competing comes in the form of medals which do not comp the price of flying out to Rio during the Olympics.

Looks like the UK government (who is sponsoring the non profit event) has some work to do in finding the answers to some of these hard questions! Still an incredibly cool concept! I would love to see all star teams from each country compete!