EVIL DEAD 2 Board Game Coming To Kickstarter

Well isn't this some GROOVY news! I had to do it, and I don't apologize because my cornball writing should not be what you're focusing on right now! An official Evil Dead 2 board game is on its way!

Players will search for pages of the Necronomicon and battle Deadites and miscellaneous other villains of the Evil Dead universe according to Tabletop Gaming News. Game designer Taylor Smith had this to say about his game...

“It’s a cooperative game with a twist: Players can turn evil and go after their former allies, who then have to decide to save their Deadite friends or put them down for good and carry on with the mission.”

I love games where you have the ability to team up but also screw others over! The Kickstarter kicks off in just a little under 2 weeks and offers such perks such as a Necronomicon deluxe case. Sign up to be in the know when it launches right here.