EXTINCTION Looks Like A Stylized SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS And That's A Great Thing


Extinction looks to be a mix of a stylized Shadow Of The Colossus with the combat style of Assassin's Creed, and it looks pretty interesting! Check out the game description and continue on below:

They are known as Ravenii – waves of massively destructive ogres wiping out everything in their path: cities and the innocent civilians that inhabit them. As the last trained Sentinel and the only one capable of diffusing the endless hordes of Ravenii, you must use your inherent power to defeat the ogres and their minions before time runs out.   Sprint across rooftops, alongside buildings and through crumbling villages ravaged by the encroaching army, using speed and strategy to save humanity from these immense monsters, each equipped with various types of weapons and armor.   The fate of humankind is in your hands. Extinction is not an option. 

The game is expected to release early 2018 and will include game modes like Skirmish and a never-ending Extinction mode in addition to the campaign. Check out the trailer below and pick this game up early 2018.