FALLOUT 4 — An Interview with Composer Inon Zur

On this episode of GameTyrant Audio, we join up with composer Inon Zur to talk about the sounds and development of music concepts for Fallout 4. As one of the most anticipated games of all time, Inon Zur discusses how he and the team at Bethesda established this new evolution in the Fallout series.

 As Fallout 4 is all about survival, discovery, and the re-purposing of items scattered throughout the barren wasteland of post apocalyptic Boston, Zur mentions how a lot of household items were re-purposed for the use of creating a unique musical sound that is parallel with Fallout’s signature style.

During the first week of Fallout 4, its soundtrack had reached Number 2 on iTunes, as well as the Fallout 4 Theme Song reaching Number 7 on all time sales for an original sound track song.

Hit the play button below to hear how Inon Zur created the music for the latest installment in this legendary franchise, what he finds so inspiring about working with Bethesda, and how much importance he finds in his fans and how they respond to his work.

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