FALLOUT 4 - An Interview with Courtney Ford - Voice of Piper Wright

From Courtney on Twitter, fan artwork by @bornthisjesss

From Courtney on Twitter, fan artwork by @bornthisjesss

On this week's show, GameTyrant Audio brings you another angle on the voice acting and motion capture process in Fallout 4. Courtney Ford is the actor behind popular Wasteland companion Piper Wright, and she was generous enough to take the time to talk with me about her work in this massive open world adventure.

Having roles in TV shows such as Dexter and True Blood, Courtney has worked on some top level productions. In one of the greatest stories about humble beginnings we've had so far on this podcast, Courtney speaks about her earliest days in acting, referencing work for a kid's party character service. She describes being dressed up in a dolphin costume when the head popped off in front of a crowd of 6-year-old kids at a birthday party. 

Creating the personality behind Piper was a two and a half year process for Courtney and the team at Bethesda. She shares some insight on how to accurately perform in accordance with the game's environment, such as when you first meet Piper as she's knocking at the door to get into Diamond City.

Talking with Courtney was every bit as fun as I had hoped. A variety of subjects were discussed, from Fallout 4, to tight spandex mo-cap suits, to giant spiders in hotel rooms.

You can follow Courtney Ford on Twitter and Instagram.

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