Fear The Invading Executioner Boss In CODE VEIN!

As the launch day for Code Vein by Bandai Namco slowly approaches, we are getting more and more glimpses of the kind of enemies we can expect to face off against. This Dark Souls-esque anime RPG title is full of difficult enemies, but the true challenges will come from the various bosses that we can find. If the network test session taught me anything about this game, it’s to take the bosses seriously and have a partner fight alongside you, if possible!

The latest boss that they have revealed for Code Vein is the Invading Executioner. This tall, woman-demon has some serious speed that most of her attacks take advantage of while she also has some power in her energy bursts. Not only does she utilizes her scythe for swift attacks with rhythmic precision, but she is also capable of harnessing the element of water for devastating area-of-effect attacks and to close the distance between herself and the player. These moves are probably only some of what she can do and it is already pretty intimidating!

You can check her out in action through the latest trailer below, but intimidating or not, I can’t wait for Code Vein to launch on September 27th for Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. What do you think of the latest boss reveal trailer?