Find Who Is The Best Assassin In New PvP Game MURDEROUS PURSUITS


We have all had time on the battlefield, sneaking around and trying to get the best of our enemies so that we can eliminate without alarming the rest, but how good at that are you exactly? We can find out, come March 2018 on Steam, which of us are the best assassin's in the all new PvP stealth-em-up title Murderous Pursuits by Blazing Griffin.

In this Victorian-era game, you will play as a passenger on the Brutanic who has been hired to eliminate another player on board. With your task freshly given to you by Mr. X, it's your job to remove your target as discreetly and quickly as possible. Check out the announcement trailer:

I love the fact that you won't know who has you as their target as you attempt to hunt down your own target. A new level of awareness will be needed in order to climb the ranks on a game like this.

Basically, Murderous Pursuits will have players surrounded by scores of innocent AI party-goers and patrolling guards. There will be up to 8 passengers, humans or bots, that must compete for the favor of Mr. X as they plot their gloriously violent acts, all while hiding in plain sight. There are special locations that allow players to participate in a variety of activities, like appreciating art and discussing foreign economics. There will also be a wide variety of disguises, weapons, and tools around for you to complete your job.

Yet another multiplayer title that I suggest you keep your eye on. It may not be entirely original, but it has a very intriguing set up. What do you think of the playstyle Murderous Pursuits will offer?