First DLC For CALL OF DUTY: WW2 Now Out on Xbox One and PC

Last January, Call of Duty: WWII players on the PS4 was able to get the game’s first DLC Pack that left out players on the Xbox One and PC, due to Sony and Activision’s deal. However, restrictions have been lifted and The Resistance DLC is now out for all players to enjoy. 

The new DLC will introduce a few multiplayer maps  including Valkyrie, Anthropoid, and Occupation, which were all themed after the resistance movement during World War II. Furthermore players can also enjoy a new War mode map, Operation intercept, which allows players to rescue French resistance members. The DLC expansion will also come with a new Nazi Zombies mode called, The Darkest Shore. This new mode will still retain the core mechanics of  zombie modes in the past, however the Darkest Shore will include new weapons, smarter zombies, and fog. 

The Resistance DLC will be included in Call of Duty: WWII’s season pass, which you can get for $50. Players can also grab the DLC by itself, which is currently priced for $15 and is already available on the Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. As for what is in store for the game in the future, Activision still hasn’t revealed anything, but a further DLC announcements in the coming months is inevitable. 

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