First Impressions: Indie Game INVERSUS

Inversus is one of those indie titles you like to call a "pleasant surprise". As first glance you would see it and say "pass" without hesitation, which almost is what makes it so alluring. I'm sitting here wondering why all these people are playing a game that essentially looks like dominos battling in a crossword puzzle.

Then I played it and it all made sense.

The easiest way to describe Inversus is if that old windows game Rodent's Revenge had a coop option and a gun. Each round begins with teams (1v1 or 2v2) with the designated color black or white. If you're on the black team you can only move on white tiles, and the white team can only move on black. You win each round (best of 3) by vaporizing your opponent with a limited amount of bullets. One shot vaporizes your opponent for the round.

Sounds easy, but then you shoot that first bullet and realized you've created a sea of tiles that you can now walk on! You make a bee line for your opponents side and take your shot...only for him to block it with his shot! He then sends a shot downward which travels (sometimes depending on the map) from the top of the screen and blows you up!

It's chaos, but it's incredibly fun chaos. This game screams "party game" and is one of those you bust out to keep everyone occupied with when it's just a chill night at the house. You'll see from the video Joey and I were having a blast, and I think my favorite part is that each round is anyone's game. I couldn't find a consistent strategy to winning! Either I went to slow and died or I went too fast and died! Ultimately fast reflexes will serve you well in this one.

If you have a PC or PS4 look for this one when it releases later this year!