First Trailer For Interesting Cassette Time Travel Game SMALL RADIOS, BIG TELEVISIONS

Adult Swim has been slowly doling out more ambitious indie games as of late, and this new one looks to be their most ambitious yet. Small Radios, Big Televisions is a step away from the novelty and odd games the brand is known for and looks to be more of an ambient puzzle adventure. Here's the official description...

Small Radios Big Televisions is a game about exploring digital worlds stored on analog media.

Travel through the deserted structures of disused factories, finding tapes of virtual worlds left behind. Some of these tapes may contain clues to help you progress, some need to have their worlds distorted and ripped apart by magnetic fields to discover what’s stored inside.

Sounds like I'm playing a game based on their scenic pictures they always post between programming, which doesn't sound all that bad honestly. As long as the puzzle element is strong I can see myself enjoying it. Check out the first trailer below and get this one on PC and PS4 November 8th.