It's Time THE FLASH Gets A Game

Dear WB,

My name is Mick Joest, and I'm the most avid The Flash fan alive. To the outside world, I'm an ordinary video game writer, but secretly, with the help of my friends at Gametyrant, I'm fighting for a Flash video game based in the CW universe. You hunted down the guy you want for the movies, but in doing so, opened up a can of worms and angered a fanbase of a well beloved show, and only I am persuasive enough to stop it.

I am...The Advocate.

Look, I've come to terms that I won't see my boy Grant Gustin on the silver screen, but I refuse to believe there is absolutely no market we can use to immortalize the cast of The Flash. So why not give them a video game?

That's right I don't just want The Flash. I want Cysco, Caitlyn, Joe, Iris and Well all in tow with their CW likeness all polygalizedand what not. 

You have no reason not to...and plenty of reasons to make it happen.

  • The show is a hit
  • The character has mass appeal
  • There's a clear draw given the various mods available in GTAV

I'll even throw you a title for the game..."Rise of the Metas".

Set the game between midseason 2 and 3 and basically make a fast version of Spider-Man 2 (the game) but with The Flash. That means...

  • Main story arc
  • Side mission meta battles
  • Free roam Central City
  • Forensic Barry Mode? (I'm not fully sold on it)
  • Possible Arrow/Supergirl DLC

You guys already have a cancelled game you can just reskin!


I shouldn't even have to sell you this game. It's an obvious win, and a service to fans who love the show and want to continue to support our Flash.

Let's make this happen.

P.S.-Please not mobile, we deserve better than that.