FORZA HORIZON 4's Full Car List Leaked

GT_ForzaHorizon4_00 (1).jpg

It appears that a racing fan has discovered the current roster of cars for the upcoming game Forza Horizon 4. The fan stumbled onto the list after pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition that automatically pre-downloaded the game to the fan’s PC. After the download, he examined the game files and discovered a list of over 450 cars. 

The fan posted the full list of cars from his download folder onto Reddit. Of course, since the game is still in development, the list can always change and include more vehicles. Going through the leaked list, some players expressed their concern about not having their favorite cars in the game, while others made assumptions on which vehicles will end up as DLCs instead. 

The official Forza Twitter account did acknowledge the accidental release of the list due to the early download feature in the pre-ordered version of the game. However, they did not comment on the leaked list of cars and even advised players that they can uninstall the download files if they wish. 

Forza Horizon 4 will take place in Great Britain and will be released on October 2 to the Xbox One and PC. 

Did your favorite car make it to the list?

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