Free To Play MOBA GIGANTIC Finally Gets A July Release Date

After years in development with a lot of testing along the way, Gigantic is finally set for release. The game, which in the past year was in beta, cancelled, bought by another studio, and placed in beta again will release July 20th on Xbox One and PC. For Xbox One fans of MOBA's still disappointed they can't get their hands on Paragon, this is great news!

In fact, this is really great news for anyone who loves a team based MOBA as Gigantic's development predates a lot of games currently dominating the genre. Unfortunately delays make it one of the last to finally hit release, although the game still looks just as fun as it did when I first played it awhile back. Those looking to try the game can get the beta right now and purchase the Founders Pack at a $10 discount before the game officially launches. Check out a trailer for the game below. 


Source: Destructoid