Gameplay Footage Revealed For The Never Released DIDDY KONG RACING: ADVENTURE

Footage of a pitch for a sequel to Diddy Kong Racing has now hit the web. For those who may be familiar with this before, this is NOT the same game that came from the cinematic teased by Rare before they were purchased by Microsoft. Go ahead and watch that and continue on below...

The game we're showing you today was developed by Climax. Basically, once it was apparent Rare was out they jumped in trying to scoop up the rights for the series. According to Nintendo Life (and the video), they actually got to present the game to Nintendo. Unfortunately, the Big N never gave the go-ahead to continue and it ended there. 

The video hits on more information and shows Diddy Kong standing on the backside of a Rhino most the time. I enjoyed what I saw, but would've enjoyed it more had Microsoft not pulled a power move and stolen Rare from Nintendo.