Gamers Complaining Of Robotic Facial Expressions In MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA

Mass Effect: Andromeda is taking a beating across the web today. Players are hopping on Twitch and other platforms to see streaming footage of the game and are saddened/delighted to find the games facial expressions are robotic and emotionless. Others have complained the animations are a bit weird and non-human and the dialogue sounds like a bad evidenced by this parody: 

Definitely not a good start for Bioware, but maybe they can be able to patch it? I'm not quite sure how you can remedy the faces without putting months into new facial capture, but you'd think they can at least correct the crab walking and other weird stuff happening in the game. You can currently play a 10-hour demo of Mass Effect: Andromeda on EA Access and Origin on Xbox One and PC. The game officially launches March 21st. 

Source: VG24/7