Nintendo Switch Launch Games Mini Review

Mini Reviews

Mini Reviews

The Nintendo Switch is here and like all console launches it is all about the games!  The Switch didn’t launch with too many games on day one, but what we did get was a solid, if light, launch lineup.  

Super Bomberman R

Bomberman is back and about the same as you remember him.  Super Bomberman R features a single player campaign, local multiplayer and online multiplayer.  The campaign features 50 levels but is overall weak with dumb cutscenes that are better off skipped.  Online play is wonky now but the true reason for playing Super Bomberman R is the local multiplayer.  Super Bomberman R allows 4 players per Switch and you can connect multiple Switches to allow for 8 players max.  Even with the weak single player and online multiplayer, the local multiplayer kept me entertained for hours!

I Am Setsuna

I Am Setsuna is a spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger that came out on PS4 and PC previously.  The Switch has received a very solid port of a wonderful RPG that feels at home on the hybrid console.  While the story treads over familiar ground and the combat system is a callback to the early days of RPGs, it is a charming game that really bolsters the Switch launch.

Shovel Knight Treasure Trove


What is probably one of the best 8-bit inspired adventure games made in recent years, Shovel Knight has received another fantastic port, this time to the Nintendo Switch.  Treasure Trove comes with all previous content and the new expansion Specter of Torment.  If you are a Shovel Knight fan but not looking to grab every piece of the game, Specter of Torment is available as a standalone download.

The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild

What is probably the greatest Zelda game ever made, Breath of the Wild is the killer app for the Nintendo Switch.  If you pick up a Switch for Zelda alone, you will not be disappointed.  You can read my full review for Breath of the Wild here.


Snipperclips is the best co-op puzzle game I’ve played since Little Big Planet 2.  Using both Joy Cons as single controllers allows for instant co-op no matter where you go.  If you are looking for a fun puzzler, Snipperclips is it.

Fast RMX

Sequel to Fast Racing Neo released on the Wii U, Fast RMX builds upon the F-Zero-esque gameplay of its predecessor.  If you are a fan of F-Zero, or looking for a racing game to tide you over till Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, you will find little wrong with Fast RMX’s smooth gameplay.

1, 2, Switch

The Switches weak link, 1, 2, Switch acts as a tech demo to showcase what the console is capable of.  While 1, 2, Switch has an assortment of mini games to choose from, none of them are very fun after extended periods of time.  Between the price, horrible skits and the quickly diminishing fun, 1, 2, Switch is better picked up in the clearance section.

Just Dance 2017 / Skylanders

I didn’t play either of these games but from the streams I watched they looked like solid ports.  If you are a fan of either game I see no reason not to consider the Switch versions.