Gaming in 4K: PARAGON is Improving Every Day and Sevarog Just Plain Rocks

Bringing the Hammer Down 

MOBAs are all the rage these days. Some are quaint and cute. Some, like PARAGON, have come out full force, swinging a gorgeous Unreal 4 engine and a more realistic yet sci-fi style all at the same time. Sevarog, the latest Grim Reaper-esque, hammer swinging bad arse of the roster is an absolute beast to play. While the game is still in beta, I am getting absolutely stoked at the potential of this game from it's stunning environments so amazing selection of combatants. 

While some of the other characters just never caught my attention, Sevarog is mah man! Check out some 4K gameplay and screenies below for more action. You can out details on the game and the whole roster right over here. BAM!