GBA Classic HARVEST MOON: FRIENDS OF MINERAL TOWN Is Getting A Remake For Nintendo Switch

Back in 2003 Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town was released on the Gameboy Advance. The title was well received by fans and critics alike and still holds the highest rating for any Harvest Moon title. Today news broke that a remake of Friends of Mineral Town would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch! The game is expected to release on October 17 in Japan and details on it are pretty light outside of the three screenshots below.

More info is expected to be shown for the game in the next issue of Famitsu magazine so thankfully the wait won’t be long. It is also unclear at this time if the game will be making its way over to the west. If Friends of Mineral Town were to come west it would have to be released under the Story of Seasons branding. Former Harvest Moon publisher, Natsume, still holds the rights to the Harvest Moon name here in the states. Are you excited for a remake of Friends of Mineral Town? Let us know below!