Deal: Get a Copy of SETTLERS OF CATAN for Under $30!

You can pick up Catan for less than $30 right now on Amazon. That’s the lowest I’ve ever seen it brand new in a while. If you’ve looked at buying Catan, you know it’s usually closer to $45-50, so hurry and check out the link at the bottom to pick yours up!

For those that don’t know what Catan is, it’s a very popular board game where players try to settle the island of Catan to get Victory Points. Along the way, you get resources to expand your settlements, build roads, and even develop a strong army (but not in a conquest kind of way). It originally plays with up to 4 people, but an expansion allows for up to 6 players and it has many other expansions to introduce fun new elements to the game.

Deal: Settlers Of Catan Fifth Edition- $28.99

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