Atari Flashback and Sega Genesis Classic Consoles Have Release Dates!

The Atari Flashback and Sega Genesis Classic Game consoles are due out this Fall, and now we have exact dates and pricing. The Atari Flashback 8 Gold will be available September 22 for $79.99, Atari Flashback 8 Classic will be available September 1 for $59.99 as will the Atari Flashback Portable Game Player. For Sega fans, the Sega Genesis Flashback will also be out September 22 for $79.99 with the Sega Genesis Classic Game console and Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player at $59.99 starting September 1.

The more expensive consoles will feature HDMI outputs, wireless controllers, and more games. I think for $20 it may be worth it for the better visuals and convenience of wireless controllers alone. Let us know in the comments which ones are you going to pick up in September?