Get A Look At The Marvelous First Hour Of PREY

Note: If you're looking to avoid spoilers for the early game, you're safe to watch up until the 15-minute mark.

The first hour of Prey has hit the web, and damn does it look amazing. The soundtrack pumps that 80s retro synth we all know and love, the graphics are gorgeous, and things get crazy right off the bat! If you're already seeking out the best single player campaign of 2017, I'm dropping the early prediction that Prey will be it.

As for my spoiler-free remarks on what I saw, a lot of what I saw reminded of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. In fact, if you were to remove the whole crazy alien aspect and just showed me the footage without it would almost look like DLC for the game. I absolutely love the soundtrack, and I'm more than excited to kick some ass in this game! Watch the first hour below, but if you're looking to avoid spoilers, make sure to check my warning above!

Prey releases May 5th.