Get Your Head Ready for PlayStation VR—It’s Yours for $399

Game Developers Conference 2016 was rumored to have a lot of VR news for us, and it appears that this major price announcement from Sony is one to start things off. Questions are answered such as as when: October. Why: Because VR can potentially be revolutionary. How: by saving your cash. Priced for the U.S. at $399 and CAD $549, it’s about what I had personally predicted. There is a certain pricing sweet spot you have to aim for: too much and it becomes a niche product, selling few. Too little, and you lose your bottom line big time and then you’re back to flipping flapjacks at Village Inn.

Upon launch in October of this year, Sony claims to have more than 50 games scheduled. Not a bad way to kick things off if developers have had enough time to hone in on how to put this tech to its best use. If the interactive advantage is aimed for, rather than just a non-interactive screenshot that wraps around your head, then developers will have a new tool to really show off some creativity. 

I wasn’t a believer until I actually checked out VR for myself. If they can avoid needing a vomit bag to go with it by exercising good science in motion sickness prevention, while delivering some immersive gameplay technology that puts me straight into this new dimension of gameplay experiences, then consider me sold!

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