GOD OF WAR 4 Won't Be Final Kratos Title

As with all great franchises with new games, there has been a ton of speculation regarding God of War 4. A popular theory flying around stated that because we are meeting Kratos' son, this would likely be the entry where we see Kratos die and the torch is passed. Game director Cory Balrog says this will not be Kratos last ride!

Gametransfers says the son of Kratos will not be a hindrance. This won't be one of those games where you're failing missions because you have to protect a helpless target. Interestingly enough, we learn that his son can not only fight, but players will actually be able to issue commands in which he can help you in battle!

That sounds great to me. There is nothing more frustrating than pounding through a level only to have to start over because your AI was running into a wall while being attacked by enemies! If games just did away with that mechanic entirely I would be okay with it.

On a lesser note we learned that the multiplayer mode featured in Ascension will not be returning, and I'm sure no one will miss it.