GOD OF WAR Receives Another Update

Developer Santa Monica has been occupied in releasing updates for their critically acclaimed game, God of War. So far, the studio is already up to version 1.15, which promises to bring “various bug fixes and improvements,” that were also the promise for the previous four patches launched. 

Probably one of the most significant changes that were introduced by previous updates is the inclusion of a text slider in the accessibility menu. Given the game’s almost perfect scores everywhere, the only complaint fans have at the moment is the ultra tiny in-game text that forces players to stand up from the couch and go face to face with the TV to read stuff from the Codex. The recent update attempted to rectify this issue, but instead of increasing the text in-game, it only magnified it slightly that fans barely noticed the difference. Even though the text size is still an issue right now, at least Santa Monica Studio is committed to ensuring that all bugs are patched immediately. It’s impressive to see the team’s dedication to updates as they have already released four patches a week after the game’s release. 

Santa Monica’s passion for God of War does not only show in their service post-release, but also from overwhelmingly positive reviews, including ours. In our God of War review, we were impressed on how the game was able to transition the franchise into a more modern gaming community. “The characters were well fleshed out, the story deep and immersive, combat is refreshing and familiar, and the environment expansive and alive.”

Have you played God of War already? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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