HEARTHSTONE'S Next Expansion Is Heading Off To The Witchwood

After laying out the plans for Hearthstone’s this year, Blizzard Entertainment announced their first expansion for 2018, which will take players to The Witchwood. 

Hearthstone: The Witchwood, will be based on the haunted city of Gilenas, and will let players acquire 135 new cards to battle the spirits of the Witchwood. In the official announcement of the DLC, Blizzard revealed that:

“Dark magic has twisted the creatures of the forest and set them loose upon the Gilnean capital in Azeroth, but King Genn Greymane and his lycanthropic subjects won’t make for easy prey. The citizens of this proud kingdom, who can shapeshift into ferocious wolf-beasts known as worgen, are bringing the fight to The Witchwood with tooth and claw-and soon, Hearthstone players will join the pack and help them face down the horrors within.”

The expansion will introduce several new gameplay systems to Hearthstone. First off is Echo, which will let some cards to create replicas in the players hand once played. During the rest of your turn, you can play these echoes, as long as mana is still available. In addition, the expansion will have Rush cards, which is somewhat similar to Charge cards. However, Rush cards will not attack the enemy hero, only their minions. 

Lastly, a new single player mode, called Monster Hunt will be introduced in the new expansion. In Monster Hunt, players will be given the ability to choose one out of four unique heroes who will venture in the mystical Witchwood. 

 Blizzard’s official store is offering a pre-purchase deal for the expansion, priced at $49.99. The offer will include 70 The Witchwood card packs which the buyer can redeem when the expansion officially launches. As of now, no specific release date has been announced but The Witchwood is expected sometime before the end of April. 

What do you think of Hearthstone: The Witchwood? 

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