Here Are The Changes To PUBG For The Xbox One With The Latest Update


PUBG for the Xbox One recently received a new update that is live right now. This new update brings several significant changes in the game including multiple bug fixes, a Game DVR support and the removal of a single starting area for all players. 

The new update will include multiple pre-match starting locations which serves to address the issue of having 100 players in the same area that causes PUBG’s performance to drop. Furthermore, all weapons have been removed on the starting locations. 

The update will also introduce some gameplay changes including a lowered damage taken from objects in the environment such as trees, rocks, and uneven terrain. Furthermore, the colors of squad members will be more visible, and players can use the right thumb stick to rotate their character in the customization menu. 

Several bug fixes were also addressed such as: water sound effects, a bug that causes the Red Zone to disappear immediately after it starts, some random character teleportation, and unexpected character death caused by falling while moving, and several others. You can check out the full patch notes for a more detailed description of all the latest changes you can expect from the Xbox One update of PUBG here

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