Hideo Kojima Wants to Use His New Studio to Work With Del Toro Again

After all the big news about Kojima Productions opening this week, the question on everybody's mind (at least one of them) is what does this mean for the friendship between Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro? While the acclaimed Mexican horror director has voiced concerns about ever working in video games again, claiming to be cursed in the interactive medium, Kojima-san claims it is a non-issue. Now that he is the head of his own studio, its limitations being basically non-existent, Hideo Kojima is hoping to work with him again. In an interview that IGN published this morning, he stated:

Mr. Del Toro is a very talented person and a very good friend of mine. Every now and then we talk about working together in the future, but I cannot make that guarantee here. But, I definitely want to work with him in the future. I have no idea what I’ll be working on with him, if it’ll be a game, a movie, anime, but someday I definitely want to create something with him..

This seems like a no-brainer. The duo had nothing but glowing things to say about each other during the whole roller-coaster ride that was Silent Hills and PT. Now that Kojima-san has free reign to do as he pleases, the two returning to a shared creative project would make a whole lot of sense. I really hope we see a true successor to PT. I don't think I've ever played a game that has scared the crap out of me so well. All in all, it is a great time to be Hideo Kojima!

Source: IGN

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