HITMAN — An Interview with David Bateson: Voice of Agent 47

When you need the job done right, you call a professional. IO Interactive knew David Bateson was their guy from the beginning.  A decade and a half later, Square Enix is poised to release the reboot of the long-running Hitman franchise, this coming March. 

As the first voice actor on the podcast, it was super fascinating to hear David speak about the origins of his acting career. There’s a pretty great story about his rejection from an acting agency, as well as keeping his composure at an audition when another participant was kissing his own hand in heated passion. 

We talk about the early days of voicing Hitman and about how advancements in games technology has helped IO Interactive really hone in and evolve the process of creating Agent 47. We touch base on how the new Hitman reboot takes everything great about the classic franchise, while giving it the technological update it deserves, creating some of the most compelling and intense new Agent 47 action to date.

Music for this week's episode provided by Jesper Kyd, composer of Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman: Contracts. Both soundtracks are available on iTunes.

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