HUNT: SHOWDOWN Closed Alpha Sign Ups Are Live And Starts Next Week

Supernatural Bounty Hunters

Supernatural Bounty Hunters

Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown is building up some major hype. The recent two hour live stream event came with the official announcement that the closed alpha will begin January 31. If you want a chance at entry into the closed alpha next week then follow this link here to sign up. The alpha will be available on PC only via Steam. Check out the 2 hour livestream to see the most recent build of the game for yourself.

If you have no idea what Hunt: Showdown is, then do yourself a favor and check out our E3 coverage on it here. Crytek is bringing out the big guns and delivering a Co-op/multiplayer shooter unlike anything we’ve seen before. The games premise is simple. You and a buddy are supernatural bounty hunters whose sole purpose is to hunt down mythical beings and collect the reward.

The game throws you into a huge open world map and tasks you with the job of tracking down your target. Along your journey, you will run into other supernatural beings like zombies, demonic-like dogs, and other hellish creatures of the like. That’s not all, you both need to watch your back because there are four other teams of bounty hunters that are tasked with the same mission. It’s every man for himself in this world, so you can be sure to expect oncoming fire from these other teams.

We are thoroughly excited for Hunt: Showdown and look forward to this co-op/multiplayer action. Some may say it reminds them of Left4Dead’s multiplayer mode but I believe this truly is it’s own beast. With a fully fleshed out customization menu and an emphasis on teamwork, Hunt: Showdown has us eagerly awaiting an official release date. Until then, let us know what you think about the game and what has you excited the most?

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