HyperX Showed New Gaming Headset That Works Wirelessly On PS4 At CES 2018

HyperX had an impressive CES 2018. They announced several products. All of which add to their already impressive products they've previously released. These are the products they announced and showed off at CES 2018:

  • Pulsefire Surge Mouse
  • Alloy Elite RGB Keyboard
  • Predator DDR4 RGB Memory
  • Cloud Flight Headset

You can find out more about the keyboard, mouse and memory here, when it goes live. As for this piece, I wanted to write about the new Cloud Flight Wireless Headset. It's been a pain point for most PlayStation gamers. On the PlayStation 3, Sony allowed for virtually any headset to connect via Bluetooth. Basically, the good ol' days. Fast forward to the PlayStation 4 and Sony has made their Bluetooth completely proprietary.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. Got my brand new, shiny PS4, and booked it back home to plug it in and set it up. Got passed all the setup, then got a chat invite and went to the settings to connect my headset that I had been using for YEARS, only to see that it wouldn't connect. It took me a good 5 tries to realize it wouldn't work.


Since the PS4 has been out for years, and Sony hasn't made any plans to change its Bluetooth, I've been searching for a wireless headset that will work perfectly with my PS4. I've been spoiled with reviewing different wired headsets, but the only wireless one I've reviewed for the PS4, was the LucidSound LS30.

Don't get me wrong, the LS30 is an amazing wireless headset, but its a bit clunky. For instance, the wireless adapter connects via USB and has to run an optical cable from the USB on the front, to the optical port on the back. It doesn't look pretty, but provides some great audio. I also broke the USB adapter within 3 weeks because it was flimsy and made out of thin plastic. The headband is a bit too tight for those that wear glasses too. Again, don't get me wrong, they are great, but it was the best wireless option at the time.

This is why I am so excited for the Cloud Flight. The headset uses a USB dongle, but it doesn't have to run to the optical cable to the back. The headset is also extremely comfortable. It's very light and the headband is tight enough to keep it on your head, but loose enough to not shove your glasses through your head. There are some other cool features too. You can control the LED effects on the headset as well. Granted there are only 3 colors, but there aren't many LED lit headset for PS4.

Another thing HyperX did with the Cloud Flight, is add a TeamSpeak and Discord certified detachable noise-cancelling microphone. That will be nice, especially for gamers like me that play in the living room where everyone one hangs out. Some other conveniences include a built in mic mute, volume and power controls.


I didn't get to spend much time with them, but the ear cups provide enough space for the 50mm neodymium drivers to give rich lows. I'll need more time to review the full sound quality, but you can find the review here, when it's done. When we talk wireless, an issue can be battery life. HyperX is set the bar high with an up to 30hr battery life. Most likely the longest life in the market today. With the LED on, its around 13hrs, and with the LED breathing, its closer to 18 hours. There is also a 3.5mm jack to connect wired incase your headset dies, but you don't have time to charge it (ie. raids, pvp)

One thing I didn't see, but would be a must for any wireless device these days, was a charging station. If there is one thing my wife hates, it is cords hanging about. Nyko has been a dear friend to me by creating the charging dock for my controllers. I would like to see HyperX give the Cloud Flight the same treatment, even if you have to purchase it separately.

HyperX is putting the best foot forward to provide elite gaming gear to both the console gamer and the PC master race. The HyperX Cloud Flight wireless headset is already available now, in select countries, but will release globally when the wireless certifications are approved by each of those countries. The cost is $159.99, which is in the same ball park as the LS30, so something you should at least consider before purchasing a new wireless gaming headset.

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