Game Interview: In a SHATTERED World, Who do you Trust?

Large open areas to travel around and explore has become a "must-have" with any adventure game coming out today. Even the games that seem endless but have a large, yet limited area to explore are thoroughly enjoyed by gamers of today.

Bringing another 3D free roam action-adventure game is Redlock Studio with Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King, a game that is part of the Square Enix Collective. Featuring a dark atmosphere, this game will have a free flow battle style and allows you to venture around and explore many landscapes and areas. Shattered will also have sections of the game that will have a 2.5D platformer style game play.

The Story

You play as a Wanderer with no knowledge of their name nor any recollection of what events have passed. Normally, you could find out this information from the King (who could possibly be a god), but he's nowhere to be found. The Whisperer will be the only entity who can really speak to you while you traverse through the Hypnos realm, and he will be your guide and tell you pieces of the story as you play through the challenges. But you are left with a question: Who can really be trusted?

Finding parts of lore from different sources and choosing who you trust through the story will impact your play style, and therefore the ending you will end up getting. But first you must defeat the twelve Demiurges reigning in Hypnos due to the disappearance of the King.

"Player choice is actually a key aspect of Shattered: there are different ways to handle boss fights for example - and what you choose will surely depend on what you know/believe. What you find out, how you play, who you trust, etc. will affect which ending you get. Even your decision to help a NPC or not will come to affect your story line later on. There are a few different endings and all give you a glimpse of the truth from a certain angle." - Charlene Lebrun from Redlock Studio

Short Q&A with Redlock Studio

Q: How will the fighting be?
A: "The fighting will be free-flow, but each enemy has their own weakness, attack patterns... If you're observant you can use this to your advantage!"

Q: What can players expect to experience while playing your game?
A: "Hopefully, a sense of wonder, contradicting thoughts, and we haven't really shown any of it yet... but you can expect to be quite horrified as well."

Q: What influenced this game to be created?
A: "Max and Laureline created a world throughout 10 years of paper-based RPG campaigns, and wanted to get this story out there - once they finished university, the team naturally got together and felt like a video game was the perfect medium to set the first stone of
that universe in. So they took the world they created (inspired by the likes of H.P. Lovecraft, China Mieville, etc., but that took a life of its own after a few years) and applied some game design inspiration from games like Dark Souls, Soul Reaver, etc., and Shattered came quite naturally after that. Shattered only takes place in a small part of this universe with only a handful of characters, but the team aims to bring more of it to life after the game comes out."

Q: How long have you guys been working on it?
A: "We've been working on it since summer 2015, originally as a full 2D title - but we switched to our current format in January 2016, as we felt we had too much to tell to fit into a smaller 2D title!"

Q: You said maybe Xbox and PS4 release is possible. How possible is it though?
A: "We're very keen on releasing Shattered on Xbox and PS4, and Shattered will definitely come to these platforms. But we didn't get enough funds to work on it at the same time as for PC and Mac, for now, so it might take a few more months before the game sees the day on consoles."

Check out the Trailer:

Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King is expected to launch in 2018 for PC, Mac, XB1 and PS4. If you would like to follow development of this game or receive updates on this game, check out the links below:

Shattered's Website