Interview: Use Action Figures as the Controller in LIGHTSEEKERS

Innovation is what keeps the game industry moving forward and bringing old genre’s and themes to higher quality for players to enjoy. Development will never stop as long as there is always a passion and drive to make the next best thing, which is a human function that drives those with the ambition to continue on past failures to create their own masterpiece.

PlayFusion is the team of about 50 people that is behind an upcoming game, Lightseekers, which has a unique, innovative device they call The Flight Pack. This new device allows toys, or action figures, to be used as the controllers to play the game.

All About Lightseekers

This game is the first to be created to be played on PlayFusion’s new Flight Pack device and is being developed by the same team creating the device itself. Aside from the video game, there will be a trading card game based on it and will feature Augmented Reality.
The game is aimed to reach a wide variety of audiences with controls that are easy to learn, yet hard to master. This opens the range from children to hard core gamers looking to test their skills. The story to Lightseekers also has a versatile reach for story-driven consumers.

The game focuses on the mysteries of the colossi, an ancient race that was lost to time hundreds of years ago in a devastating event that left the entire planet torn in two.  The only remnants of these powerful beings are scattered ruins, powerful artifacts, and the giant rift that scars the planet. In recent time, a new threat in the form of the umbron has awakened, and they are taking a great interest in the colossi.  As a Lightseeker, it is up to you to unravel the mysteries of the planet's past and stop the evil umbron.

Q&A with Senior Producer, Nick Cooper

What inspired you to create Lightseekers?
“PlayFusion was founded some 24 months ago by a team who have worked together for years, when we asked ourselves one simple question, “If we got a chance to redo anything and everything in games; what would we do differently and why?”  The answer was the start of a dream, a mission, to make a new type of interactive experience, one that hasn’t been made before, taking everything we have mastered in the past as a team to a whole new level. We got so excited about it that we put in our own money to realize the dream and have been working on realizing it ever since.”

How does the controller device work exactly?
“The Flight Pack engages the accelerometer in the FusionCore and turns the smart action figure into a game controller - allowing the movements of the physical figure to control the corresponding in-game character.”

How long has the device and game been in development?
“We’ve been working on this killer tech since we were founded 24 months ago.”

Who is your intended audience?
“We believe Lightseekers will appeal to a broad audience.  Kids of all ages will certainly love the game, smart action figures, accessories, and augmented reality trading cards.  In the research we’ve done, we’ve also found that parents are excited to play this game with their kids.  Lightseekers is easy to learn, but difficult to master.  We believe the video game (and the standalone trading card game) has the depth and mastery to appeal to serious gamers as well.”

Do you plan to create more games with the controller device?
“Our plan is to build another game for a well-known global brand that is built on the PlayFusion platform.”

Are you working with other developers on making games compatible with the device?
“We have plans to make our platform available to other developers or toy companies via licensing agreement in the future.”

What systems/platforms will the device be compatible with for players to use?
“The device connects directly to our FusionCore mini-computer, so it is compatible with any game built on the PlayFusion platform.”

What Platforms will Lightseekers be on? What genre is it?
“At launch, Lightseekers will be available on iOS, Android, and Amazon mobile devices.  Shortly following launch, the game will be available for PC/Mac.  It is an action adventure role playing game.”

Let the Developers Tell You All About It:

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