Is Your GTA Online Crew As Tight As the Hillbilly Agenda?

That is a video clip from a crowdfunded documentary group called Noclip. They do documentaries on anything to do with games and take much pride in what they do, running on the funds obtained through their Patreon site.

Their latest documentary is on a GTA Online crew called Hillbilly Agenda. Now, you might be wondering what makes this crew so special (especially if you didn't even bother watching the video I went through so much work to put in this article for you). To answer your question, it has to do with the effort that the leader makes in showing his crew how much he appreciates them. 

His name is Warren Scott, but his 30 man crew call him KnoxNerd. Most of them live in Tennessee and they actively search for members who want to join them for some in-game fun, causing havoc all across Los Santos. It's not the size of the crew that matters though. He travels to every one of his members to personally reward them for their loyalty, even flying in his personal plane to meet them. He makes and gives them fake vanity plates that are reminiscent of the licence plates in GTA Online.


And if that is not crazy enough, they keep real-time stats about their GTA gaming hours, missions, points and money earned!! They get together once a year to hold a massive party in a huge mansion, with family included. That's some tight crew, yo.

If I was in this crew, I'd feel pretty appreciated. I haven't really heard of any other crew going to such lengths, but it makes me want to research what others are up to. Are you part of a gaming crew? Do you also have get-togethers or do something special as a team? It doesn't have to be GTA related, you can let me know in the comments if you and your crew take any games to such extremes.



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