July's Free PS Plus Games Announced

This month is looking to be another great set of titles for the PlayStation Plus players. Officially announced on the PlayStation Blog, we can look forward to playing yet another choice based detective style game and an action-packed multiplayer. These two games are of course Heavy Rain and Absolver! Since these are just the titles for the PS4, let's take a look at the full list.

Heavy Rain is a drama filled, choice based game where you play as a Dad that will go to any lengths to find his son. Or at least has the options to go to any length. Just how far he actually goes, and the success or failure of saving his son, resides in your hands.

Absolver is a mysterious game that provides little to no dialogue for the story. Tasked with mastering your combat style, learning the world, and taking out all the villains within the land. Cooperatively work with friends or challenge them to prove your skills, this journey is up to you.

The PlayStation 3 titles include a couple fan favorites. Having their own player base and about to increase their crowd is:

And the PlayStation Vita titles include a couple titles that are a bit less known, but still fun for fans of their genres:

I am always sure to go on my Vita and PS4 to grab each months games for PS Plus, but I'm thinking about grabbing Rayman 3 as it always looked interesting to me. I'm most excited to get Absolver from this list, especially after playing it through Share Play with a friend who has it.

What game are you most excited to see coming out for free in July?