KFC Is Making A Futuristic VR Horror Experience Where You Make Fried Chicken


KFC and VR...who would've thought it would be such a great combination? Apparently they did as the company is currently planning on using this new VR experience to train future employees of their chain. Check out the trailer for The Hard Way: A Virtual Reality Training Experience and continue on below:

So allegedly, KFC isn't making this game for the public (yet) but rather using it to train future employees on the proper method to making their fried chicken. Here's an official quote from KFC regarding the game:

"The technology will not be available for public consumption at this time. It's not just a fun experience - we're actually using the innovative technology to supplement our robust restaurant employee training program for cooks, called Chicken Mastery Certification, by bringing it to our regional general manager trainings, quarterly franchise meetings, and corporate onboarding at our headquarters. So yes, it is actually going to be played by new KFC trainees!"

Not at all a bad idea although I find it very hard to believe KFC went to all this trouble and they aren't going to release it to the public. The experience itself is cool enough that I almost want to apply for a job at KFC just to try it...almost. What do you think of the game?