Launch Date Leaked Early For SPYRO'S REIGNITED TRILOGY


While the Spyro Reignited Trilogy was well known to be coming to the public with a launch date soon, it seems somebody slipped up over on the Mexican Amazon. Not only does this page show that the game will officially launch on September 21, 2018, it gives us a price tag. While it is showing $735.70 in Pesos, we can find that the game will be running for $40 USD. This is similar pricing to the Crash Bandicoot remaster launch price.

I am really excited for the Spyro Remaster myself! Spyro The Dragon was the first game I ever completed in full, gathering every egg and freeing every dragon. Not to mention that the other two games were a lot of fun and each had something unique to offer. This is truly the best series that could of gotten a Remastered collection and I can't think of another game from my childhood that I would love to see come back with modern graphics!

While the official trailer for the Spyro Reignited Trilogy has yet to be released, I'd imagine that it will be launching very soon. The trilogy will be launching on PS4 and XB1 initially with expectations to follow Crash Bandicoot on the Nintendo Switch later on. Are you excited to see this trilogy get a launch date or are you cautious of the experience the remastered version will give us?