Story Trailer For VAMPYR Shows How Dark It Will Be

One of the darker games to come from DONTNOD Entertainment gets shown just how grim the story is going to be. Vampyr has been shown in multiple ways, from the E3 trailer to the Web Series, but it wasn't until the launch of their story trailer that you can see that the grim realities this game will present won't just be in your actions and choices. See how the story itself will force players in to uncomfortable situations:

If you are still unaware of the stories details, you play as Jonathan Reid, a doctor in 1918 London newly-turned into a vampire following his return from the Great War. His convictions blown away, Reid discovers the existence of a dark new world were supernatural creatures and secret societies live together in the shadows and he is now part of this world.

I thought the transfer shown between his return and his awakening was a bit quick and mostly unclear, but the rest of the trailer really shows his battle between truth and his own false realities he fights while trying to find what is happening around him - or to him.

With a launch date as close as June 5th on PS4, XB1, and PC, it won't be long before players everywhere will be able to play as a vampire in this crazed world. I know I am looking forward to playing it, but are you looking forward to Vampyr?