Leaked Video Reveals UI And More For Nintendo Switch

Themes, avatar pictures and more are all on display in this recently leaked video of the Nintendo Switch! Someone got their hands on a console before the rest of us, and took us through the steps in setting up a brand new Nintendo Switch. Watch the video and continue on below:

The UI is the cleanest we've seen in awhile, and there are a couple things I'm seeing that have me excited as well as relieved. First off...I love the clean look of the UI and the option to add a theme. Currently, it looks like white and black are the only options, but I expect we will be seeing more throughout the consoles lifetime. I also like the inclusion of avatars and that there's an option to keep media running and disable auto shut off. I can't tell you how many times my Wii-U has shut off because I forgot to touch it while watching Netflix!

Overall I'm very happy with what I'm seeing here, and again jealous that I don't have one! What's your take on the UI?